The Lazy Artist Business Attire Purple/Pink
The Lazy Artist Business Attire Purple/Pink
The Lazy Artist Business Attire Purple/Pink
The Lazy Artist Business Attire Purple/Pink

The Lazy Artist Business Attire Purple/Pink

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The perfect PJ, or like we call it the lazy artists business attire. From bed, to zoom, to cocktails. Majestic ruffles on sleeve and pant legs, styles to perfection in a rhinestone heel, satin slippers or barefoot. Our medium weight metallic sheen linen/viscose fabric gets softer and softer with each wash without loosing its shape and fitted cool 60's structure. Beautiful contrast piping throughout.

Straight style comfortable pant leg.

11" Waist height.


Made in our medium weight shiny linen/ cotton blend. The fabric has a metallic sheen to it and looks divine when the sun hits the fabric.

Why we love this fabric? Because the more you wash it the softer the fabric gets without shrinkage, it's a win win. 

We offer two inseams. Select the one that fits you best below. 

The long inseam is recommended if you're above 5'9 tall at 33" and has two layers of ruffles. The long inseam is also the best inseam if you plan to wear the pants with heels for a laid back cocktail evening. 

The regular inseam is recommended if you prefer a 30" inseam and has one layer of ruffle at the pant hem. 

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Magical Properties (no seriously.. we're not kidding) everything in life is a matter of energy.