We work in editions, not collections. All editions, old and new are simultaneously available at any given time to purchase. 

NOT A SUSTAINABLE BRAND (but we aim to be, and have always tried our best to do better please read below).

Before it was a thing, to buy deadstock fabric, we did that. I always considered my footstep on this earth, and wanted to thread lightly. Not because it was a marketable checkmark but because I cared. As a designer I've been doing that for 10 years. Before it was a thing to make fashion accessories of scraps, we did that as well.. and so on. 

So instead, we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves, slowing down our production cycle, extending the wearability cycle and taking extra steps to try and give new life to the garment at the end of its lifecycle.

Committed to making better choices every day across the business to minimize our social and environmental impact. We see this as our moral obligation.

Progress is always less than perfect. I want to be honest and open about where we are in this journey as a small boutique brand that takes pollution and waste seriously. 


Our online pre-loved archive store gives you an opportunity to shop previous seasons, one-off samples and other rare pieces


We've never incinerated unsold clothing, and we never want to be in that position in the future. Whenever we have a dress we can upcycle and give it another life, we do. 


We are consistently increasing the share of recycled fibres in our editions.