Welcome to my inner playful universe of color and clouds. 

I sought to create a playful and effortless approach to design, that represents how women want to dress and look with room for personality, contrasts, experimentation and nostalgia.

I want to create garments where our living soul thrives. Where the garment tells the world something about it's inhabitant without speaking. There's a word for it in Japanese, "yorishiro" it refers to giving a physical space for someones spirit to dwell in. Where the outside represents the inside. 

For the past 10 years I've been working on developing an aesthetic based on the emotion of nostalgia, feelings from my childhood, a sort of hyper contemporary Scandinavian aesthetic with a touch of wild southern desert babe. 

Is that vintage? Is a question regularly posed when first introduced to my collections. No, it's neo-vintage. 

"We have art in order to not die from the truth." -Nietzsche.  


Madeleine Simon